Notification: the demise of DEN FUJITA.

Den Fujita, a scenario writer, and the president of Theater Company 1980, had passed away peacefully on Sunday, March 16th 2014, at the age of 81.

1. Summary.
(i) Name: Den Fujita (Born name: Ikuo Fujita)
(ii)Titles: Scenario writer, Stage Director,
The President of Theater Company 1980
(iii) Date of death: Sunday, March 16th 2014, 9:20am

To respect the intentions of Den Fujita himself and his family,
@we had funeralized him on March 20th, with close relatives.

2. Farewell Party.
Farewell party is planned by following schedules;
(i)Date: 17:00-20:00 Friday, May 2nd.
(ii)Place: Akasaka SUBIR (Subir Banquet and Sea Blue)
(2-14-5 Plaza Mikado Bld. 2F, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 176-0052)
(iii)Presenter: Theater Company 1980
(iv)Subscription: 7,000 yen

Although the Dress code is not strictly set, CASUAL BUSINESS clothes are desirable.
For floral tribute, please let the 1980 know before the party.

[Information and Contacts]
Theater Company 1980
TEL: 03-3321-2835
FAX: 03-3321-9092

March 25, 2014
The representative of Theater Company 1980
Yoshiyuki Shibata